Our Vision

With over a million website visitors over the last 10 years, we are pleased to announce some extensive upgrades- re-vamped format, the ability for you to post comments on rides, new photographs, with more rides to be added in the coming months.

Click a ride category below to view ride information, photographs or contribute your thoughts to over 1,500 comments already made.

  • Al-Qasba - Sharjah

    Avalible Rides: Dragon, Ballons - Samba small, Galleon, Mini Galleon, Ranger, American Track, Bumper Cars, Mini Canyon, Crosuel, Crazy Fly, Kangaroo

  • Ajman Market

    Avalible Rides: Octopus, Trumboline, Horses Race, Mini Wheel, Ballons - Samba small, Galleon, Mini Galleon, Swingers, Airplanes, Bumper Cars, Mini Bumper Cars, Train, Inflatables, Jump in Star, Bungi, Balerina, Jo Cart, Skate Board, Duck Train, Crosuel