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Bouncer/Ball Pond

Perfect units for the younger age groups. They provide fun and safety. They are able to be used either with or without the play balls. A variety of colours and themes are available.
  • Dimensions: 1m x 1m (3.3ft x 3.3ft)

Bouncy Boxing

A popular game, where the 2 players try and beat the other with the hilarious oversized boxing gloves.
  • Dimensions: 1.3m x 1m (4.3ft x 3.3ft)

Branded Bouncer

If you are looking to promote your brand using inflatables as the media then our design team are here to help. Simply adding your corporate logo or developing a unit unique you. We welcome the opportunity of discussing your ideas and working with you to create something to promote your brand.
  • Weight: 175kg (385.8lbs)
  • Dimensions: 4m x 1.1m (13.1ft x 3.6ft)

Brcomula 1

  • Weight: 7 ton
  • Dimensions: 13m x 28m
  • Model: 2008

Brcomula 2

  • Weight: 12 ton
  • Dimensions: 13m x 28m
  • Model: 2011

Bumper Cars 1

  • Weight: 20 ton
  • Dimensions: 11m x 19m
  • Model: 2005

Bumper Cars 2

  • Weight: 17 ton
  • Dimensions: 18m x 13m
  • Model: 2010

Bumper Cars 3

  • Weight: 20 ton
  • Dimensions: 11m x 19m
  • Model: 2010

Bungee Run

An old favourite with a fantastic new graphics - the bungee is a classic now. Two opponents try to reach ar far as they can before being snapped back by the powerful bungee cords!
  • Dimensions: 1.4m x 1.1m (4.6ft x 3.6ft)


  • Weight: 0.4 ton
  • Dimensions: 11 m
  • Model: 2010
  • Al-Qasba - Sharjah

    Avalible Rides: Dragon, Ballons - Samba small, Galleon, Mini Galleon, Ranger, American Track, Bumper Cars, Mini Canyon, Crosuel, Crazy Fly, Kangaroo

  • Ajman Market

    Avalible Rides: Octopus, Trumboline, Horses Race, Mini Wheel, Ballons - Samba small, Galleon, Mini Galleon, Swingers, Airplanes, Bumper Cars, Mini Bumper Cars, Train, Inflatables, Jump in Star, Bungi, Balerina, Jo Cart, Skate Board, Duck Train, Crosuel